Our Vision

Vision Statement

Our vision is for a food system that promotes community well-being.  To achieve this we will forge a broad-based movement led by communities directly affected by the negative impacts of our food system. This movement’s leaders will understand how to use the policy making process as a tool to remake our food system so that it:

  • supports access to affordable and healthy food as a human right,
  • counters manipulative marketing of unhealthy foods, especially to children,
  • equitably rewards farmers for being good environmental stewards of the land,
  • nurtures a diverse, inclusive and sustainable next generation of farmers,
  • reforms exploitative labor policies and practices all along the food chain, 
  • revitalizes local economies by promoting local procurement and fair food labor laws, and
  • finances the creation of new and retrofitted distribution and processing infrastructure.


  • Racial justice, acknowledging the historic and current burdens which people of color have borne from the taking of First People’s lands, through slavery, sharecropping, to current labor abuses and the disproportionate rates of food–related illness suffered in communities of color.   
  • Economic justice, recognizing that diversified family farmers have lost land and access to non-patented seeds as federal farm policy promotes large-scale agriculture and transgenic seeds; and that small-scale businesses have suffered as the food industry has become heavily concentrated; and that labor continues to suffer as  food companies allow unsafe working conditions, pay extremely low wages and use toxic chemicals that pollute not only workers but rural and urban communities alike. 
  • Movement building, people can organize power to make change when they understand the problems, have a positive vision for change, and create pathways for collaboration.